Trade and production company Kaprom, abbreviated name: P.P.D. Kaprom d.o.o. Novi Travnik is a company incorporated back in 1993.

Its registered office is in Novi Travnik, Mehmeda Spahe 2A (trade shop and business premises), and also within the Bratstvo compound (manufacturing facilities and show room).

From the very beginning, the company deals with trade (retail and wholesale trade), and since 2000 it's been involved in manufacturing business. The manufacturing operations gained in intensity back in 2002 onwards. The company owns modern manufacturing equipment, particularly the machines and devices for cutting, bending, welding, milling, drilling, machining, grinding and painting.

Next to its manufacturing plant it has a well-designed show room that displays all articles of its production range. We are distributing our products throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, with the ongoing trend of expansion to the EU countries.



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